AdsBlocker - Privacy Policy.

General Notes

This Privacy Policy describes Ads Blocker's information practices for its browser extension. Your continued use of the Ads Blocker extension constitues your agreement to this policy.

Extension update

Your browser periodically checks for updates of all your extensions including Ads Blocker. Updates to stable Ads Blocker for Chrome releases are handled by the Chrome Web Store website and are subject to the Google Privacy Policy.

Information Ads Blocker collects

Ads Blocker uses Google Analytics service to aggregate information about traffic patterns and how our extension are used. We limit the data sent to these services, and only do so to improve our extension.

Ads Blocker extension connects to its server just after installation or update. When it happens, the Unique extension ID is sent.
We do this with a single purpose: to know the number of unique installations of our extension.

Ads Blocker never has and never will sell your personal information to any third party.